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Integrated Wood Waste Briquetting Plants



All across the world, wood waste is one of the most abundantly available biomass residues for Briquetting. The different types of wood wastes that are available are shown below –


Most commonly used material for large capacity plants is Saw Dust as multi stage preprocessing is required for all other materials and plant owners often find it difficult to get the suitable integrated and well-engineered solutions.


Even though the availability of the wood residues in most widespread and round the year, still there are a number of factors that make the efficient utilization of these materials a challenge –

  • Moisture Content – most of the wood residues that are available have a moisture content of more than 15% which makes it difficult to process without drying
  • Size – Apart from Saw Dust, all other wood residues are over size and require reduction in size before these can be effectively utilized.
  • Density – Wood shaving and Bark are quite low in density and not suitable for direct use in briquetting presses.
  • Nature – Materials like wood bark have a high moisture content as well as quite fibrous in nature and require 2 – 3 stages of preprocessing before they can be effectively utilized


In order to ensure effective utilization of all types of wood residues the following major equipment’s are required –

  • Chipper – to reduce the size of Wood Chips, Bark, Veneer Waste and Packaging Waste
  • Dryer – to reduce the moisture of all wood residues to less than 15% moisture
  • Grinding System – to reduce the size of the chipped material to less than 10 mm and homogenize the saw dust along with all other materials
  • Storage Bins – to provide storage of pre-processed and homogenized raw materials to ensure consistent supply of raw material to the briquette press

In addition to the above equipments, the following are desirable to ensure low operation and maintenance costs –

  • Planned material flow with efficient and reliable material handling equipment’s
  • High Efficiency Furnace for Dryers
  • Electrical Automation and Controls


  • Integrated processing plants of Medium (10,000 tons/annum) and Large Capacity (25,000 tons/annum) can be set up ensuring effective utilization of all types of wood wastes in an environmentally benign and cost effective manner.


Amrit Khater

Director, Hi Tech Agro Energy Pvt. Ltd.

(Hi Tech Agro Energy is one of the leading companies providing Integrated Turn Key Solutions for setting up of such plants.)


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