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Biomass: The Sustainable, Renewable Fuel Choice

At Hi Tech Agro Energy Pvt. Ltd., we talk about biomass fuels a lot. If you are curious what qualifies as a biomass fuel, we’ve compiled this primer to answer that question and more.

What is Biomass?

In the context of biomass for energy the term is often used to mean plant based material, but can also apply to both animal and vegetable derived material.

Biomass is a key building block of bio fuels – it can be specially grown for electricity production or to produce heat in the energy context, as an alternative to fossil fuels.

There are Five Basic Categories of Biomass Fuel Material

  • Virgin wood: from forestry, arboricultural activities or from wood processing.
  • Energy crops: high yield crops grown specifically for energy applications.
  • Agricultural residues: residues from agriculture harvesting or processing.
  • Food waste: from food and drink manufacture, preparation and processing, and post-consumer waste.
  • Industrial waste and co-products: from manufacturing and industrial processes.

Advantages of Biomass Fuels

Biomass, in many ways, is an innovative source of power. Wood, for many years, has stood out as a fuel source for ovens, fires, and other traditional heating methods. However, recent biomass advancements have propelled biomass fuel way ahead of fossil fuels. Today, these very biomass fuel sources are produced in large quantities, tapped and utilized in many ways such as in jet engines and power plants. Here are some advantages of using biomass energy:

  • Biomass is clean energy source
  • Minimizes the possibility of fill up of landfills
  • Biomass emissions are not harmful
  • It’s a renewable resource and bountiful in supply
  • Biomass energy dials back on fossil fuel dependence

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