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Why Do You Need Biomass Briquettes Machines

To many farmers, furniture factory owners or woodworking factory owners, what has puzzled them for a long time is their biomass waste, which includes wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, all kinds of stalk or straw, peanut shell, sunflower husk, bamboo powder, and so on. To them, these biomasses are useless and occupy too much space; if thrown away, it is really a waste of resources. Then how to make use of the biomass?

The best way is to make them into fuel briquettes with biomass briquettes machines.

At Hi-Tech Agro Energy, we have a wide product range, varying from, Cutter/chipper, integrated grinding systems, dryers, impurity separator to densification systems which include Briquette Machines – 250 to 2000 Kg/hr in 6 Frame Sizes.

What are the advantages of biomass briquettes machines?

Briquette plant.jpg

  1. The equipment adopts water cooling circuits to make sure 7*24 ceaseless work. The longer it operates, the shorter time it takes to begin making profits.
  2. The diameter of main shaft is increased to enhance machine intensity and life span, so that it can better exert its performance.
  3. The biomass briquettes machines are processed by lathing, milling, planing, grinding and boring. All machines are carefully examined by our QC staff.
  4. All molds are processed according to strict standards to guarantee their service life. One mold can produce at least 100 tons of biomass fuel briquettes (raw material must be pure sawdust with uniform particle size and no impurities).
  5. The estimated service life of biomass briquettes machines is 8-10 years, but one used domestically has been working for 18 years.

The  Briquettes Machines have been popular among users because of its high quality, low price and highly efficient service. If you also have biomass waste, buy biomass briquettes machines now!


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