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10 Influential Celebrities Making a Difference in Saving the Planet

Putting a Spotlight on Climate Change.

Spreading knowledge on the impact of climate change is no longer just a job for environmental experts and politicians, but a responsibility for every person on earth – the ‘rich and famous’ notwithstanding!

This is because climate change is a reality and the signs are evident: extremities in temperature and weather patterns, droughts, melting glaciers, and warmer oceans. Research indicates that, of the different factors contributing to climate change, the surplus release of carbon dioxide is one of the major culprits that’s leading to an off-balance of the planet’s ecosystem.

Saving our planet needs to move beyond awareness to having more people making sustainable lifestyle choices. Positive changes in how we live can reduce our carbon footprint and significantly contribute towards slowing down climate change. The good news is that at the backdrop of this reality, is wave of celebrities that are stepping up to the challenge by not only talking the talk but acting accordingly.

It is said that the loudest voice in the room is the weakest, but with millions of twitter followers, fan page likes and global audiences, the influence of these celebrities speaks volumes. From giving financial support to environmental initiatives to participating in awareness campaigns, these celebrities are inspiring people to be more eco-friendly.

Here are 10 influential celebrities that are using their fame to advocate for climate change awareness and through their activism are doing their part in saving our planet.




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