What Are The Advantages Of Wood Pellets Mill

1. The gear box is made ​​of high quality gray cast iron materials to have low noise and good shock absorption. The Pellets Machine adopts gear drive to have higher efficiency compared with belt drive and worm drive, and can avoid belt slippage and short lifespan of belt drive.

2. The wood pellets mill abandoned traditional wood pellet machine structure design. Instead, the machine shell is added reinforcing rib and increases casting thickness, which greatly enhanced the strength of the machine and prevent breakage of wood pellets mill shell.

3. Both the die and rollers are made ​​of high quality alloy steel.

4. The mill adopts the most suitable wood processing die hole structure and the best die hole compression ratio according to our core technology that is obtained through a large number of experiments.

5. The safe electric control system is fully compliant with standard operating system. The Emergency Stop button can quickly shut down the machine in case of emergency.

6. Because of our strict and standardized production and technology management, we can make sure all of our machines and each spare part is consistent and interchangeable. So customers can choose the spare parts at ease.

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How to maintain the wood pellets mills?

  • Regularly check the tightness of the belt. If slack, tighten it in time.
  • The machine should be put in a ventilative place to ensure that the heat from the motor can be emitted to extend the life of machine.
  • Before restarting, first clear the remaining debris in the machine room in order to reduce starting resistance.
  • Regularly fill oil to the bearings to ensure inter-lubricating.
  • In order to assure the sharpness of cutter, check the cutter regularly to prevent unnecessary damage to other parts.
  • Regularly inspect cutter screws and strengthen the fixity between the blade and the knife.
  • The wood pellets mill should be kept well grounded. regular maintenance can increase the life of the machinery.

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