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Convert Agro-waste To Useful Fuel Using Briquette Press

The huge quantity of the agricultural crop wastes are easily converted into the high quality fuel using the biomass briquette plant. In many developing countries which have agriculture background, have ample quantities of agro-crop wastes available. These agricultural biomass waste are also directly used as a fuel in many rural areas, but the direct burning cause environmental pollution and also loose biomass waste provides less energy as they burns inefficiently. So, one way to properly utilize the energy present in the agricultural biomass waste is to convert them into a high density energy source briquette using the briquetting press machine.


The agricultural waste like groundnut shells, almond shells, coconut shells, rice husk, cotton stalks, sunflower stalk, pine needles, coffee husk, and other waste from forestry like fallen leaves, tree bark, sawdust, jute waste etc. are directly supplied into the briquette press machine. The briquetting machines are used to convert any kind of the agro-forestry waste into the best quality and best alternative fuel biomass briquettes without any binding agent. This machine does not generate any hazardous gas emissions and ash while briquette manufacturing. That’s why the briquetting plant is called the green technology for energy production. So, install a briquette plant to make the totally clean and pollution free climate.

The biomass briquette plant creates a highly sustainable fuel briquette which can easily replace any of the fossil fuels. The use of biomass briquettes instead of the wood and other traditional fuel is beneficial to all the industries as bio fuel briquettes offer more energy compared to others. The cost-effective fuel briquettes are used to generate heat and power in the industries and power plants. The briquettes can save the boiler cost up to 40%. So, the industries in many developing countries want to use the biomass briquettes. Also, these eco-friendly energy source briquettes are used in the domestic applications like cooking and heating.

By seeing such features, various governments also support this project by providing different subsidies to the briquetting press manufacturers. So, use white coal briquettes for developing an eco-friendly green world.

HiTech Agro Energy is the main manufacturers and consultants in briquetting of biomass in India, offer the best #BriquettePress machines and technologies at the reasonable price.


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