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Benefits & Uses of Biomass Briquettes

Nowadays, everyone is thinking about how to make their homes greener and how to save energy. Everyone is now aware of the problems presented by global warming and we are all thinking of ways to change our lifestyles in order to help stop this phenomenon and keep our world safe. This is why biomass briquettes are important.

Biomass briquettes, mostly made of green waste and other organic materials, are commonly used for electricity generation, heat, and cooking fuel. They are the perfect replacement for wood logs.


The main source of energy for most areas of the world is fossil fuel, which usually is makes use of coal in order to power boilers to make steam for energy.

Briquettes are the hot new thing for your wood-burning stove, so cut out the logs. Hugely popular all over, briquettes are beginning to take off  – and they’re good for your fireplace or stove, your pocket and the environment.

The briquettes made from biomass briquetting press have the following advantages:

  • Environment Friendly – Briquettes made from biomass are a great substitute for coal, since they are made of natural materials and do not add to the pollution in the world.
  • Renewable – Coal is one of the most dangerous ways to produce energy nowadays because of its pollution to our environment. This is why it is necessary for us to limit our use of charcoal and find another way to get energy. Biomass briquette is a great way to do this since it is easy to get, use and easily renewable.
  • Clean Energy – Coal and is one of the most dangerous ways to produce energy nowadays because of its pollution to our environment. Usually, the briquettes are made from plants and natural waste from animals. It recycles them and turns them into an energy source, so they are an ideal material.  It does not emit green house gases or any toxic chemicals.
  • Cost effective – Biomass also gets rid of the need to have fossil fuels exported and imported around the world, since it can be made domestically from plants and animal waste. This will lower the price of electricity for many countries that do not have oil or coal reserves. It will mean affordable and safe energy for everyone.
  • Efficient Energy – Briquettes are better than loose biomass since they are compressed. This compression allows them to burn for a lot longer than if it was loose.


Application & Uses of Briquettes:


Briquetted fuel can be used by the industrial, commercial and household sectors. It is ideally suited for use in the following areas:

Boilers (sugar mills, paper mills, chemical plants, Cement, food processing units, oil extraction units etc.) using fuel for steam generation and heating.
Forges and Foundries For metal heating and melting.
Brick kilns and Ceramic Units For firing of furnaces.
Residential Heating For winter heating in cold areas and in restaurants, canteens etc.
Gasification The gas can be used to generate power, and eventually replace coal based producer gas systems and oil firing in furnaces.
Agriculture Heating Green houses , Nurseries and Chicken coops.

Investing into Briquetting Press will bring you great economical profit.

Briquette Press by HiTech Agro Energy are best in class in terms of reliability, performance, maintenance and cost of operation.

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