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Be a savvy briquette buyer

Energy briquettes are a sustainable fuel made by biomass briquettes presses from biomass materials such as saw dusts, wood shavings, straws, rice husks, wasted border, abandoned furniture, etc.

Different briquettes have different burning characteristics, making some more suitable for specific stages in your fire’s life.

Some briquettes are great for lighting the fire; some are best for through the day burning and some are designed for overnight burning.

As a biomass fuel, there are factors that influence the briquettes burning, such as, briquette calorific value, briquette density, briquette resistance to humidity and air flow, ash removal, positioning of briquettes in burning equipment, etc.

Let us take a look at the characteristics of a good briquette.

Composition: What is the briquette made of?


Hardwood, softwood, wood waste, straw, bracken, paper, rice husk, coffee, canola, etc. Fuel briquettes can be made of almost any biomass material. Br wary of cheap briquettes manufactured from recycled timber waste, this often contains chipboard and other manufactured materials containing glues, paints and binders, all of which can give off unpleasant and smelly fumes whilst burning.

Compression: Is the briquette dusty or crumbly?


The compression used to manufacture a briquette affects how it burns and how much dust and debris might come off as it is handled. Cheap briquettes are almost always made with poor quality machines running at low compression rates.

With proper good quality briquette machines, the result is briquettes of high calorific value that hold their shape and burn long and hot. You should trust only authentic briquette press manufacturers with experience in the Industry.

At Hitech Agro Energy, we have more than thirty years  of experience in biomass processing equipment and briquette manufacturing.

Calorific value: How much heat can it produce?

What-influences-your-briquette-burning (1).jpg

Calorific value of briquettes are one of the most influential factors to briquette burning. Higher the calorific value is, the easier and better they will be burned.

Ash content: How much ash will it produce after burning?


The ash produced by burning briquettes may cause problems. The reason is the ash may block the air holes and eventually lowers the oxygen supplying in the combustion chamber. That’s why ash content is one of the criteria that decide the quality of briquettes. And it’s important to choose high quality briquettes with low ash content.

Moisture content: How much water is in the briquette?

Generally, the drier the better, as combustion goes to generate heat rather than to drive off moisture prior to the fuel being able to produce any heat for you. However, dry but poorly compacted briquettes burn too fast and can be poor value as compared to densely compacted but necessarily more expensive briquettes.

Product Standards

There are standards relating to composition, traceability, environmental sustainability and product quality. Responsible manufacturers will always be able to provide this information even if the briquette quality is not certified ( because the certification process is onerous and expensive)

Briquettes positioning

The positioning of briquettes may influences the air flow and eventually influences the burning characteristics. Generally, the main purpose of positioning briquettes is to put them in a position enjoying good air flow. When position the briquettes, it’s better to intentionally leave a path for the air flow which make the oxygen available for the briquettes.


Using the above information. you can be a savvy briquette buyer!

Hi Tech is a privately owned company that offers technologies and services in the field of Municipal Solid Waste and Biomass Processing.We help people use all types of Biomass, Municipal and Industrial residues to produce Clean, Affordable, and Renewable Energy.

Contact us for more information briquettes and briquetting equipments.




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