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Briquettes – New energies against deforestation in Africa

Take any village in Tanzania and processions of women carrying thick branches of firewood piled on their heads on their way home every evening is a common sight.

Every evening women carry home wood for cooking.

However, it is not without consequences for the environment, and Tanzania and many other African countries are rapidly losing their primary forests. Woodfuel, primarily used for cooking and home heating, comes from processed charcoal, timber waste, or direct collection from the forest.

With a growing population, the demands for wood are high – most Africans do not cook with electricity or gas but with charcoal or firewood-fuelled stoves. It is also well known that many people earn their income from fuelwood and charcoal production, distribution, and sales.

The challenge to offset the use of firewood and charcoal for fuel, therefore, remains far greater in rural areas where most of the population live.


Woman cooking with firewood at home, Mongu.


Forests act as carbon sinks, so when they are cut down and their wood is used for either charcoal processing, firewood combustion or natural decomposition, additional Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

Deforestation does not just increase carbon emissions and hinder the fight against climate change, but it also has catastrophic environmental and social consequences for local populations, destroying their livelihoods and exacerbating the cycle of poverty in communities.

However, there is a simple solution to this problem – biomass briquettes made from waste. Biomass briquettes, mostly made of green waste and other organic materials, are commonly used for electricity generation, heat, and cooking fuel. They are the perfect replacement for wood logs.




Briquettes can be made out of sawdust and wood waste, which are available for free. This would decrease and eventually stop the deforestation caused by obtaining sources of energy, at the same time protecting the natural heritage and the ecosystem services necessary to the human wellbeing.

By establishing a community-based biomass briquette production from organic waste that would gradually replace charcoal and fuelwood, it is possible to:

  • Decrease deforestation and the negative consequences of deforestation on soil erosion, water management, and wildlife in Africa.
  • Establish a market for biomass briquettes as a fuel alternative in the African villages.
  • Empower women to gain economic independence by increasing their direct income as new biomass briquette producers.

Investing in Briquetting Press can bring you great environmental & economic profit.


Briquette Press by Hi Tech Agro


Hi Tech Agro is a privately owned company that offers technologies and services in the field of Municipal Solid Waste and Biomass Processing.We help people use all types of Biomass, Municipal and Industrial residues to produce Clean, Affordable, and Renewable Energy.

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