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Paddy Straw based Briquetting Plant in Punjab, India

Developing countries are very environment sensitive when it comes to activities such as energy generation, heat production and cooking. For this reason, we have come up with inventions to replace coal and charcoal which lets out harmful gases in the air and such inventions include the use of biomass such as in the Paddy straw Briquetting plant.

The Straw Briquette Machine has high productivity and is easy to operate. It is a kind of environmental friendly and energy saving machine for biomass, which is very helpful to the rural areas. It can help farmers turn waste into wealth and make great profit.

integrated olant
Integrates Briquetting Plant By HiTech Agro


The BINDERLESS EXTRUSION BRIQUETTING PRESS by HiTech Agro is a reliable heavy duty ram type press designed for continuous operation, equipped with a sturdy crank gear, cross head and two flywheels. One of the fly wheels acts as a pulley and is driven by the main motor through flat belt. Forced lubrication is provided by oil circulating system with dual filtration and forced cooling. Material is continuously fed through a hopper by means of a vertical feeder with its own gear box and motor. Regulated feed to the press is provided by independently driven feeding system.

Dry ground or granulated material is fed to the top of the vertical feeder by screw conveyor. The vertical screw pre-compresses and forces the material downwards into pre-compression chamber. Here the material is forced by the ram through a die system into briquettes to the cooling line. The total operation is continuous and controlled from the main electrical panel.

The Paddy straw Briquetting process

  1. Crushing of the Straws

The long and thick straws are crushed into smaller sizes in two stages.

  1. Drying

The crushed straws are then dried; this could be by either sun drying or by use of a dryer where they were completely wet. They are made into straw powder.

  1. Briquetting

The crushed and dried powder is channelled to the briquetting machine where great pressure is generated to form great density briquettes.

  1. Cooling

They are then cooled to room temperature.

For a seamless processing of paddy straw briquettes, HiTech Agro also provides:


To ensure continuous working and high productivity from densification plant (both briquetting and pelletising) it is desirable that intermediate storage is built in between biomass processing and densification system. 15 – 20 minutes intermediate storage helps in uninterrupted production. Holding bin is capable of feeding variable quantity to densification system and can be interlocked with densification plant.


Most of the agro residues are not available for in forms that can be directly fed to the briquetting press, therefore the IGS is designed to convert materials such as Soya Husk, Cotton Stalks, Rice Husk, Groundnut Shells, Wood Chips, Mustard Stalk, Sugarcane Trash, Horticultural and Forest Residues into a form that can be accepted by the Briquetting/Pelletizing press.


 This TD series dryer is made for suspension drying of powdery/granular material such as sawvdust, press mud, and bagasse pith etc. Having max. Moisture cont. Of 20 % [wet basis]


 Many agro/forestry/wood residues are not available in forms that can be easily handled/processed.vThe cutter cum grinder is designed in such a manner that the odd size objects can be directly fed into the system manually or through a belt conveyor to get output suitable for feeding to boilers/briquette/pellet machines.

Stubble burning in Punjab | Source: Neil Palmer/ Wikimedia commons


Punjab generates around 18 millions of paddy straw every year. Out of the total, only 10-15 per cent is used in co-generation. Paddy Straw Briquetting has a potential of utilising around one million tonnes of paddy straw per annum by brick-kilns across the state of Punjab. Besides, it can also help in the socio-economic uplift of the farming community as a lot of paddy straw is burnt in the fields every year.

Importance of this technology

The machine is reliable and the process has the following desirable features:

  • Energy efficient
  • High cost performance
  • High Production capacity
  • Produce low net greenhouse gases emission
  • Non-carbonaceous

Paddy Straw briquetting technology has been considered in many parts of the world today, especially in areas where rice straw do well. It is environment friendly, energy efficient and cost effective.


 We at HiTech Agro, stand behind our products and the quality with which they are made. As industry leaders in manufacturing biomass processing equipment, we continually exceed industry standards in providing our customers with the best products and services on the market. Shop with confidence in knowing you’re getting the best in quality.


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