Hammer Mills for Size Reduction

Since many years, hammermills are used in various industries and nowadays often play an important role in production facilities.

Grinding of products like sawdust and wood chips for fuel purpose are nowadays very common. Grinding of tough, fibrous products requires stronger and more heavy duty machinery.

HiTech Agro offers fully integrated and automated Biomass Size Reduction Products.

Our technology for size reduction is based on a combination of Cutting, Chopping, Shredding and Grinding principles and therefore it is found to be the most effective even for difficult to process material like rice straw, wood bark, soya bean husk, cotton stalks, sugarcane trash etc. We offer systems up to 5 tons/hr capacity.

Highlights of our technology are:

  •  Low Power Consumption.
  •  Low wear part usage.
  •  Ability to run round the clock.
  •  Low Noice Levels.

Hammer Mill has various advantages:

  • It produces specified top size without the need for a closed-circuit crushing system.
  • Produces relatively numerous size distributions with a minimum of fines due to self-classification.
  • It has high reduction ratio and high capacity whether used for primary, secondary or tertiary grinding.
  • Relatively reasonable energy requirements.
  • Brittle materials are best fractured by impact from blunt hammers.
  • It is capable of grinding many different types of materials
  • The machine is easy to install and operate and its operation is continuous.
  • It occupies small space
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • It is inexpensive
  • Its ease of manufacture allows easier local construction.

HiTech Agro has been designing and manufacturing a full line of customized size reduction equipment for a long time, suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications. This experience has given us the expertise to provide you with the equipment, service, and support you need to get the job done.

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