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Convert Agro-waste To Useful Fuel Using Briquette Press

The huge quantity of the agricultural crop wastes are easily converted into the high quality fuel using the biomass briquette plant. In many developing countries which have agriculture background, have ample quantities of agro-crop wastes available. These agricultural biomass waste are also directly used as a fuel in many rural areas, but the direct burning… Continue reading Convert Agro-waste To Useful Fuel Using Briquette Press

Alternate Energy, Bio Fuel, Biomass

Pelletization of Municipal Solid Wastes

MSW is a poor-quality fuel and its pre-processing is necessary to prepare fuel pellets to improve its consistency, storage and handling characteristics, combustion behavior and calorific value. Technological improvements are taking place in the realms of advanced source separation, resource recovery and production/utilization of recovered fuel in both existing and new plants for this purpose.… Continue reading Pelletization of Municipal Solid Wastes