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The Promise & Opportunity of Biomass Energy

HiTech Agro Energy believes that biomass energy is critical to the future of power generation. In this infographic, we show the benefits, promise, and opportunity of biomass energy for communities across the world. Biomass energy provides: Thousands of jobs in local communities; Abundant renewable energy; Reduced reliance on fossil fuels; and Steady, reliable clean power… Continue reading The Promise & Opportunity of Biomass Energy

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Pelletization of Municipal Solid Wastes

MSW is a poor-quality fuel and its pre-processing is necessary to prepare fuel pellets to improve its consistency, storage and handling characteristics, combustion behavior and calorific value. Technological improvements are taking place in the realms of advanced source separation, resource recovery and production/utilization of recovered fuel in both existing and new plants for this purpose.… Continue reading Pelletization of Municipal Solid Wastes