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Convert Agro-waste To Useful Fuel Using Briquette Press

The huge quantity of the agricultural crop wastes are easily converted into the high quality fuel using the biomass briquette plant. In many developing countries which have agriculture background, have ample quantities of agro-crop wastes available. These agricultural biomass waste are also directly used as a fuel in many rural areas, but the direct burning… Continue reading Convert Agro-waste To Useful Fuel Using Briquette Press

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Making Fuel Pellets from Solid Wastes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may want a “Swachh Bharat” (clean India) by 2019, but sweeping the streets does not address the enormity of India's real garbage challenge. s prosperity grows, 62 million tonnes of garbage is generated everyday by the 377 million people living in urban India, now the world's third-largest garbage generator. However, it’s… Continue reading Making Fuel Pellets from Solid Wastes

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Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Earth

As we all get older, we appreciate our Moms more than ever. This is especially true if you’re a parent. Most of us have to be asking ourselves, “How did she ever put up with me?” So we try our best to say thank you with flowers, gifts, and Sunday brunch. Mom always says she’s… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Earth

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From Biomass to Biofuel

Hi Tech Agro Energy offers a large range of technologies and services in the field of Municipal Solid Waste and Biomass Processing. We offer the widest gamut of Briquetting Presses, Pellet Plants, Dryers, Grinding Systems, Msw To Rdf Products, Air Pollution Control Systems and great after sales service. Throughout the history of the company, we have kept our key… Continue reading From Biomass to Biofuel

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10 Tips to Create Less Waste and a Happier Planet

It's Easy Hi Tech Agro Energy is all about going green. Helping the planet can be as easy as reducing the amount of waste you produce. Doing small things as using a reusable bottle or printing less, can make a difference. If you would like to know what else you can do, check out this infographic… Continue reading 10 Tips to Create Less Waste and a Happier Planet

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Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

What You Didn't Know About Energy Efficiency Climate change has inspired multiple countries to join together to reduce carbon emissions, decrease energy use, and become more sustainable. Many countries have encouraged Energy-Efficiency strategies by offering special tax and financial incentives for homeowners and the elderly. Currently, much of household energy is used towards heating, however, this… Continue reading Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

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10 Influential Celebrities Making a Difference in Saving the Planet

Spreading knowledge on the impact of climate change is no longer just a job for environmental experts and politicians, but a responsibility for every person on earth - the ‘rich and famous’ notwithstanding!