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The Promise & Opportunity of Biomass Energy

HiTech Agro Energy believes that biomass energy is critical to the future of power generation. In this infographic, we show the benefits, promise, and opportunity of biomass energy for communities across the world. Biomass energy provides: Thousands of jobs in local communities; Abundant renewable energy; Reduced reliance on fossil fuels; and Steady, reliable clean power… Continue reading The Promise & Opportunity of Biomass Energy

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From Biomass to Biofuel

Hi Tech Agro Energy offers a large range of technologies and services in the field of Municipal Solid Waste and Biomass Processing. We offer the widest gamut of Briquetting Presses, Pellet Plants, Dryers, Grinding Systems, Msw To Rdf Products, Air Pollution Control Systems and great after sales service. Throughout the history of the company, we have kept our key… Continue reading From Biomass to Biofuel

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Integrated Wood Waste Briquetting Plants

  BACKGROUND: All across the world, wood waste is one of the most abundantly available biomass residues for Briquetting. The different types of wood wastes that are available are shown below –   Most commonly used material for large capacity plants is Saw Dust as multi stage preprocessing is required for all other materials and… Continue reading Integrated Wood Waste Briquetting Plants

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Growth of Biomass Briquetting

BACKGROUND: Press-to-log (Biomass Densification) technology was developed in USA during World War-II. After World War, use of Biomass Briquettes was replaced with Liquid Fuel. During 1960-70, Europe was facing difficulty in central heating system fuel management. Large lumber houses were generating lot of wood waste. Press to log technology was gainfully utilized by two European… Continue reading Growth of Biomass Briquetting

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BIO-COAL – An Eco Friendly Solid Fuel

India is one of the nations who have accepted that they shall adopt National Policies and take corresponding measures on the mitigation of climate change by limiting its anthropogenic omission of green house gases & protecting and enhancing its green house sinks and reservoirs. BIO-COAL densified solid fuel from renewal agricultural and forest residues are… Continue reading BIO-COAL – An Eco Friendly Solid Fuel


Need for Pelletizing

India with different agro climatic regimes does produce more than 250 million tons surplus Agro Residues annually. This is either not utilized at all or utilized sub optimally. Equal amount of other biomass gets wasted and results in severe environmental degradation. Processing capacity of even 200 million tons of biomass in 10 years, will not… Continue reading Need for Pelletizing

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Biomass Briquetting – HOW?

Annual Generation of Biomass in India is more than thousand million tons. Part of this is residues from Agricultural Crops. Significant part of this is used as Animal Fodder, like Wheat Straw, Corn/Maize Straw and Bajra Straw. These are stored for off-season animal fodder. Then there are Stalk/Straw, which are not used as Animal Fodder; like… Continue reading Biomass Briquetting – HOW?