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Making Fuel Pellets from Solid Wastes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may want a “Swachh Bharat” (clean India) by 2019, but sweeping the streets does not address the enormity of India's real garbage challenge. s prosperity grows, 62 million tonnes of garbage is generated everyday by the 377 million people living in urban India, now the world's third-largest garbage generator. However, it’s… Continue reading Making Fuel Pellets from Solid Wastes

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From Biomass to Biofuel

Hi Tech Agro Energy offers a large range of technologies and services in the field of Municipal Solid Waste and Biomass Processing. We offer the widest gamut of Briquetting Presses, Pellet Plants, Dryers, Grinding Systems, Msw To Rdf Products, Air Pollution Control Systems and great after sales service. Throughout the history of the company, we have kept our key… Continue reading From Biomass to Biofuel

Alternate Energy, Bio Fuel, Biomass, Green Energy

Biomass: The Sustainable, Renewable Fuel Choice

At Hi Tech Agro Energy Pvt. Ltd., we talk about biomass fuels a lot. If you are curious what qualifies as a biomass fuel, we’ve compiled this primer to answer that question and more. What is Biomass? In the context of biomass for energy the term is often used to mean plant based material, but… Continue reading Biomass: The Sustainable, Renewable Fuel Choice

Alternate Energy, Biomass Briquette, Green Energy

Difference Between Biomass Pellets And Biomass Briquettes

From time immemorial we have been using biomass in the form of wood and twigs for heating purposes. In many domestic and industrial sectors worldwide, biomass is still used in its raw form – just cut the tree branches or collect the twigs and use them for heating. At the same time, many industrial sectors especially require biomass in a denser and compact form.

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BIO-COAL – An Eco Friendly Solid Fuel

India is one of the nations who have accepted that they shall adopt National Policies and take corresponding measures on the mitigation of climate change by limiting its anthropogenic omission of green house gases & protecting and enhancing its green house sinks and reservoirs. BIO-COAL densified solid fuel from renewal agricultural and forest residues are… Continue reading BIO-COAL – An Eco Friendly Solid Fuel


Need for Pelletizing

India with different agro climatic regimes does produce more than 250 million tons surplus Agro Residues annually. This is either not utilized at all or utilized sub optimally. Equal amount of other biomass gets wasted and results in severe environmental degradation. Processing capacity of even 200 million tons of biomass in 10 years, will not… Continue reading Need for Pelletizing